As a Design-Assist specialist construction manager and contractor, Vector provides the benefits of a veteran team expert at both pre-construction planning and construction services management and execution.  Our approach provides continuity, institutional knowledge growth and the development of “ownership” –  resulting in the mitigation of risk and maximization of project efficiencies.

Our distinctive qualifications include successful delivery of large warehousing and special-use facilities, unparalleled expertise to establish cost-conscious and value-driven GMPs, and recognition as a leader in developing sustainable client-contractor partnerships. We leverage the Design-Assist approach to provide you with a strong preconstruction phase incorporating design and constructability reviews, proactive work sequencing, comprehensive scheduling, and the early integration of specialty contractors and equipment suppliers.

Vector has developed a Design-Assist System which includes:

Vector partners with both our Client and Design stakeholders through definition workshops to identify project scope and client goals. Communication plays a vital role in defining project parameters, streamlining problem-solving, and establishing total team enthusiasm.
Preliminary design documents are developed along with cost estimates and preliminary schedules. Vector assists with identifying long-lead items to prevent delays, procuring consultants, and obtaining land development and zoning approvals. Preliminary phasing and logistics plans are created to ensure quality and safety.
Vector’s experience allows us to value engineer and analyze cost savings continually as design documents are developed. We work with the design team to verify and approve the aesthetic, architectural, engineering, and functional implications and considerations of product and system choices. We review with the project team, to show you the total cost implications for every design decision.
Vector finalizes the construction budget based on a quantity survey of completed drawings and specifications and presents a final price and scope report. This report includes complete scopes of work, allowances for expected costs, fees, general conditions, insurance, and appropriate contingency.
At Vector, we believe our performance (and the success of the project at large) will be judged on our ability to deliver the “total project solution” that delivers on client expectations. Vector captures 100% of pre-construction efforts by seamlessly transitioning the Design-Assist preconstruction team to key management roles during construction. We then provide management of the construction delivery from mobilization to final closeout.