In a crowded field of building professionals, Vector offers industry-leading expertise, qualified staff and clear solutions for the construction of specialized commercial facilities.
Our successful project experience results from a construction approach focused on schedule adherence, cost containment and budget compliance, a corporate culture centered on worker safety and a firm structure and methodology for incorporating value and quality into the project life cycle.
The Vector project team consists of management and field personnel with direct delivery experience on Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Design-Build, Design-Assist and traditional bid projects. Vector has the operational depth, financial capacity and staffing volume to successfully sustain and complete projects across the United States.
Planning for the Safety and Security of today’s youth.
Our expertise in fast-track facilities construction in second-to-none. Vector is a leader in providing value-added construction services to the education market by creating a successful partnership with project stakeholders throughout the construction process.
We establish lasting relationships by exceeding our client’s expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.
Delivering Technical, Valued-Added Construction Solutions to Meet Critical Needs and Schedules.
From medical office buildings to specialized treatment centers, our role as your contractor is to bring value to each step of the project life cycle. From the first pre-construction meeting, our team strives to find the best mix of materials, techniques and applications based on our experience and industry-specific knowledge.
We understand that success rests with a partnership approach that leverages the vision, skill and expertise of the design team with the extensive construction experience of Vector.
In the field, we leverage our experience and skill to bring value to the project through efficiencies, quality standards and an approach to safety that is second to none.
Adaptive reuse development is an effective way of reducing urban sprawl and the environmental impact of new construction. By reusing an existing structure within a site, the energy required to create these spaces is lessened, as is the material waste that comes from destroying old sites and rebuilding using new materials. Vector can help your design team evaluate a building’s potential for potential LEED
certification through the USGS, and has the skill to match construction practices with a unique sensitivity to the design vision.
Constructing Commercial Fueling and Service locations that are safe and sustainable.
Time is money. The Vector project delivery team has the experience to manage all the elements of pre-construction and construction; and the skills and resources to safely deliver fueling and retail projects in the shortest time possible.
Our project stakeholders enjoy well-constructed, sustainable projects. Our core values result in better construction quality and higher customer satisfaction.